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Michael J. Mattick

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A native of North Carolina, Mike was born in 1953.  Literally, he grew up in the tax preparation business founded by his mother Mellinee Jackson in 1949.  He became President and CEO of Mel Jackson Tax Service in 1987.  In addition, he provides consulting services in the areas of investment strategies utilizing his global economic experiences.

He was invited to assist Saudi Arabia in the area of economic development for the city of Madinat Yanbu Al-Sinaiyah.  He aided in bringing U.S. companies to Saudi Arabia in the areas of oil and related industries.

Mike worked with Solidarity (Lech Walesa of Poland) on restructuring the Polish economy after the collapse of the USSR.  He assisted in generating hard currency to fund the Solidarity movement.  Consulted with the fishing industry in the former Soviet Union and worked with them to develop their oil industry.

Worked with Carlos Garcia Garcia, Second Vice-President of Peru to renegotiate the fishing treaty between Peru and Russia.  Worked closely with Pedro San Juan (UN Undersecretary for Political Affairs).  Received Peru's Medal of Merit.

Brought U.S. companies to West Africa (Cote d'Ivoire) to bring medical supplies and services to Africa.  Finally, he helped establish the mechanism to feed and educate the poor in Nicaragua and the United States.

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